Roll Off Dumpsters

We make Roll Off Dumpsters Easy!

D & C Solid Waste, fully understands the need to dispose of larger amounts of garbage – we are your locally trusted garbage company – from remodeling, construction site waste, or a major home project, we will provide you with the roll off box dumpster that will fit your needs.

We offer timely delivery and pick up of our 15-yard roll off box, and provide you with exact dumpster placement to make your cleanup job easier. We handle your garbage safely and responsibly, to ensure that items are disposed of in the correct manner.

We will arrive with your dumpster on time, place it exactly where you need it and remove it promptly. Our 15 yard roll off boxes help you take care of any size cleanup and removal job. Call us for more information on renting a roll off today!

Roll off disposal Dos:

Using a roll-off dumpster is an easy way to remove all sorts of garbage in volume. You can dispose of your home renovation waste, construction demolition, or cleaning out a house for moving. Get rid of junk easily with a dumpster that is easily taken away when you are done. You can dispose of:

  • Furniture
  • Remodel waste
  • Dry wall
  • Shingles
  • Wood scrap
  • Household debris
  • Clean construction debris- wood, plaster and sheet-rock
  • Clean outdoor natural debris

Roll-Off Disposal Don’t’s:

There are many items that need to be thrown away when purchasing a new product. However, things like electronics carry contaminants and things like nickel, mercury or cadmium that are toxic, and need to be processed in a unique way when disposed. Here are things that you should never put into a roll-off dumpster mixed with other debris (please use eWaste services):

  • Computers and monitors
  • Televisions, smartphone, any electronics
  • Appliances- including microwaves and refrigerators
  • Paint, solvents, asbestos, cleaners, herbicides (weed killers) and insecticides (bug killer)- hazardous materials
  • Automotive oil, grease, tires, gasoline, filled barrels

Why does it matter? Our drinking water and our food comes from natural ground sources. All of the things listed above can contaminate that ground- play it safe, if you are not sure about a disposal item, please feel free to call and ask us how to dispose of it safely.