Where should I set my garbage & recycling containers?
The garbage and recycling needs to be placed visible from the street, where we can get to it, and without any obstructions, such as cars, snow, ice, bushes, etc.

What time should I have our garbage & recycling containers out?
All garbage and recycling should be set out by 5:00am on the day of collection.

How often is recycling picked up?
Residential recycling is picked up every other week on the same day as trash.

Where is the landfill and what is the phone number?
The landfill is located 5 miles west of Sioux Falls on 41st street. It is on the south side of the road there is a sign by the entrance. The landfill phone number is 605-367-8162.

What should I put in our recycling bin?
See more details on the recycling page.

What if I have extra garbage or need an extra pickup?
Extra garbage and special pickup will be taken for an additional fee. Call our office to get confirmation if the extra garbage can be placed and picked up at normal day or if a special pick up will be needed.

What day do you pick up my garbage?
Garbage day will depend on your address. Please call and we will let you know.

Do you take credit card payments?
Yes, we take Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Can I pay my bill online?
Yes. You can pay online at www.trashbilling.com using your 12 digit identification number.